Some of my readings for YOU: some J.R.R. Tolkien’s works (FREE give away)

Ok, Hi there!

Because you are such great followers and readers of this literature site, i decided to share, actually give away something nice, a pack of e-books, very best works of J.R.R. Tolkien, click on the LOTR picture below, it will lead you to my personal Google Docs – Tolkien space.

Update: They are uploaded to this site, see pages above!

Titels are:

Lord of the Rings; Silmarillion; Hobbit; Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun; Children of Hurin; Roverandom; Farmer Gils of Ham;

These books are in PDF and EPUB formats, for the .epub files you can use Calibre reader on PCs (also linux), Mac, mobile

FREE Calibre reader for this : Click Me!

Downloading: with the PDF is very simple, i don’t explain that, when you open them in browser, you will see the menus to save them.

The EPUB files when you open, you could get a message-icon, that file cannot be opened in browser, but will also Download appear on that message! Click, save, and later you open the file from your computer with a reader program (Calibre?!!)

Because they are part of my personal purchased (thus legal !!!) collections, they are full books, with original cover art

Click the picture for your e-books and enjoy!

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