Easter Bunny too Funny/Easter dance (by Tommy Laster)

This one is quite unusual posting here, but it’s just for Easter and fun, smile …..:

Easter Bunny too Funny/Easter dance

Stand on this egg squash,
Do the easter bunny too funny hop,
Jump two times move to the right,
I’m going to easter dance all night,
groove to the easter music,
Easter easter bunny hop,
Slow dance still slowing down,
I’m gonna get crunker on the dance floor,
What happen to my soul for you,
Not going to cry or tear up,
Be dancing to this new song,
now if you ain’t having a good time,
Then stop and roll out this club,
easter bunney is too funny,
my soul is lost in your grace,
No better place then home in a hiding place,
don’t tell me its ok anymore,
You all gave me your butt to kiss,
which is not right today,
Why do i have to be alone on easter,
but no keep on dancing tommy,
Show them all your brave,
Your not done giving your heart,
make them say do the easter bunny hop,
easter dance do that easter dance,
Put on this easter bunny suit,
In the end they will be judge like me,
So easter bunny too funny hop easter dance

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