The letter to the lovers

Rene Bywaters
(present poet)

This roller coaster
Where does the ride begin
Where does it end

The  carnival of obsession and destruction
The  party where they  seem to stay too long
Lingering on and on
singing the same old song

Girl hes not worth it
Sweet girl please don’t be blind
Hes not worth one second of your precious time
A letter to you is written on a cloudy california morning
I see this as a loving warning
Dont get lost in the tears nor the mourning

Shes  worth  far too much
He cant pay his way through her heart
Hes worth not much more than the empty words and promises that only he can offer
All of the women, so many to beg borrow and steal from
Why stay when there  are more fools to be had

He pushes her far to the side where she looks through her mirror wondering just where she went off track
Don’t get lost in days like that

Perhaps he was never there with her to share the laughter and the tears
Perhaps he was simply just along for the ride and this fuels deep inside her only fear
She is a weeping willow bent over in the storm
He will not be your shelter nor the blanket to keep you warm
Forget the moments you must not look back
Please don’t get lost in days like that


/By Rene Bywaters/



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