The frozen valley


Darryl Mouzone
(present poet)

(A legacy of Vengeance pt. 1)

The cold winds hits his face
As he travels this lonely road
In this world he’s out of place
It’s his destiny as he has been told
His thirst for revenge keeps him warm
As he grabs the hilt of his sword
That’s why he travels in this storm
So he can be true to his word
He swears by his Pagan Gods above him
They will pay with their lives
They took his only love from him
Now his feelings all have died
The ancient Kingdom will feel his hate
Every step is closer to the end
Death in battle will probably be his fate
But he’ll see his love again
With the vow he has made he’s all alone
And he will reach his destination
To an unknown land where he’s far from home
To fight this ruthless nation
He says steel prayers to keep him strong
As he faces his reality
He thinks of his love as the cold days are long
As he crosses the frozen valley.
/©2012 Darryl Mouzone/

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