A moment of serenity

Anirban Chatterjee    (present poet)

Anirban Chatterjee
(present poet)

A moment of serenity

Grant  me that greatest gift, O nature,
In the form of your serenity and peace,
When I await my worries to be washed
Away by your open winds of bliss.

Deny me not that loveliest of presents,
To feel one with your grass and trees,
To be absorbed into your serene extent,
To be one with your breath of breeze.

Bestow your cloudy lights upon my soul,
Your windy aura may my vision behold,
May my grief be cleansed by your rains,
Your silver moon and the sun of gold.

For I am no one, if not your child,
You and I are one, and not apart,
You are the creator, I am the creation,
You are the maker of my blood and heart.

Yours is the day that shines my thoughts,
Yours is the night that instills peace in my blood,
Yours alone is the light that lights up my vision,
And yours is the joy that makes me glad.

Make me one with you, answer my plea,
With your aura, make my spirit shine,
Wash away my sins, my sorrows and grief,
And make me you, Nature, mother of mine!

/ by  Anirban Chatterjee /

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