Savage at heart

Savage at heart

For those days I yearn
When we did not count what we earn.
When our homes were on our backs
And our family was our pack.

Take me to a land far far awayafrican_savannah_hd_widescreen_wallpapers_1280x800
Where they don’t count the hours of day.
We’ll become barbarians while we play,
Where our souls can frolic as they pray.

Take me to the desert
Where the loudest sound is your pounding heart.
We’ll meditate and catch the stars,
We’ll make our own milky-way, our own art.

Take me to the Savannah
Where the soil shakes with our mother’s rhythms.
Step on it and feel the drums
We’ll dance along as the grasses hum.

Take me to the Amazon
Where the forest echoes at dawn.
We’ll join the monkeys’ moans.
Again Us and Nature will be alone

We call ourselves civilised,
It’s nothing but a pack of lies.
The civilised wreaks havoc
As they cut down Nature stump by stump.
And him we call the savage
Who treats the environment like their son.

/ by Mariam de Haan /

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