About Me and this site?

First of all, i’m a music-fanatic, lover;  DJ / Producer.
Especially trance, techno, sometimes beach house,rave. My no1. dj/producer: Armin van BuurenMy 1st, experimental album is released: 4th July 2011, called New  voice.

My 2nd artist album, with 2 sides is just release on 4th of March 2012, called New Jump:
I’m interessted in various things, like beautiful photos, funny videos, great jokes and funny people with awesome thoughts and conversations, but main and most important thing always will be: M.U.S.I.C, as much as possible trance. It completely rules my days, weeks and life, it is def. a compagnion for a lifetime!
Beside these activities, I love literature, modern and classical; novels, poems, dramas, comedies, fantasy, horror. ALL!
And this is the point and purpose of this site. Show as much as possible from, spread the spirit of!
Mostly from others I will present here shorter stories, poems, pieces from dramas on the Home – page….but with time maybe also from my own.
There won’t be categorizing by names, the Home-page is the place for the daily poetry-mix, no rules for posting,  just beauty!🙂
< UPDATE: there is new category for easy navigation: Poets – writers catalog, on the right >
Beside that, there will be different pages with time (like Dante – Inferno), which Pages will contain the longer and historical must reads.

13 thoughts on “About Me and this site?

  1. I love music too but have not any idea of the genre you are talking about. Your introduction interests me because on one side you like music such as techo etc and on the other literature , poetry and the like. I like classical music and i always thought that my interests in classics of poetry and literature complimented my music preferences. I thought that’s how it should be. Today i learn that it is not necessarily correct. Good on you!

    • Yes, i have diverse interests (and i didn’t write about my 20 years IT knowledge). Very first i’m a musician, and the music genre i love the most is trance, which extreme diverse again and often very sophisticated, melodic….like poems.
      I love literature since my 10th, so more than 20 years now.

  2. min jee li says:

    hi, robert,,
    glad to know you came up with this page and above all, your music. geez! reading your intro was like hearing my own!! (except that I’m no DJ/Producer,,) but becoz’ of the kind of work I do, anything about my likes and who I am had to take a backseat. at least, here, I can freely express it. I switched to G+ by accident, and got overwhelmed with the varied interests of G+ers’ and I somehow could not squeeze my way in. But your fun page got me a good start… and glad to have found it on G+.and now this. I listen to all kinds of music, from classical to modern, to ethnic.. and gather them all over the world.. I enjoy all your fun conversations even if I could not participate in them. thank you for always coming up with good ideas.. you surely have a way of reaching out to people! good luck! …will be waiting for your posts very soon!

    • Thanks for the compliments Min, glad if you also enjoy the contents, like i enjoy editing (like also reading) them, here, and my other sites too.
      And you can’t say you never can participate in conversations, we do have, just not that very often, as time zones may come between sometimes


  3. robert_vs_hajnal says:

    Nice presentation about you🙂 and also glad you didn’t forgot about our Laugh on Line!!!😉
    this site was really a good idea and glad to see that you have already so many followers, we would like to see some of your own, writings as well. Best of luck! Hugs!🙂

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